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Пара мыслей о Пушкине. Часть 2

Alex Under Sir Gay Evil Each Pussy Can

You look a more yeah!
Doo-bop sale only
Sly tired saved now
Doo-bop Tom
I’d know and no chew
Cout ouch only
So cold it pass E.P.
Crew go

Idiot no Levi’s
Peace save or did
No private sky school
Go award it
Tom shoe desert
Tom Lee shave broad it
Root sale cow mo
Wet back CD

Tom now never do mix
Door age car
Slim diner video nick
There’s way
Is Buch car?
Tom now cool Rich no-spa
Stop it be is Akon
Edward A.

Tom sourse
Cash a note
Sly Tom check it
Tom root sky doc
Tome root sew pack net

Ilya, Tom, Bill
Me add pay will pill
Pose I’m tick low
Wrote new purple, o!

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